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Students – Extended Free Pass

A new academic school year is about to start soon. Students who wish to issue a new Rav Kav card with a student profile, update their current Rav Kav profile to that of a student, or extend the term of an existing student profile, and are eligible to do so, are required to arrive early to make the necessary changes.


Freshmen students (first year) should bring to the service center an ID, a 2017-2018 student card and a valid 2017-2018 study certificate.


Sophmore students (second year) and onwards should bring an ID, a 2017-2018 or 2016-2017 student card and a valid 2017-2018 study certificate. 


Please note:

Updating a student profile will be completed with the transportation operator who issued the Rav Kav card.


Top-up of student periodical passes (semester and yearly) that are valid to the light rail is to be completed at the bus company service centers – Egged, Superbus, and Kavim (according to the relevant region). In accordance, updating an "Extended Student" profile is possible only with the companies listed above.


A student profile which is about to expire

The light rail validation device alerts Rav Kav card holders their profiles are about to expire.


This alert is conveyed by lighting an orange bulb when the card is validated in the validation device, as well as a notice about the end of the profile expiration date – which includes a distinct voice alert.

This alert begins during the 30 days prior to the profile expiration date. Please note that so long as the profile is valid, Rav Kav holders can still use the passes related to the card's loaded eligibility. However, once the profile expires, Rav Kav holders cannot use these passes any longer. Student Rav Kav holders are advised to check their profile validity status in every automated machine located in the rail stations.