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What is the Rav-Kav Card?

The Rav-Kav is a “smart”, electronic card used for traveling public transportation, which replaces the various paper tickets, and aims at easing payment methods during travel.

The card enables travel through all public transportation carriers in Israel and free transfer between most means of transportation.

Travelers can load various contracts onto the Rav-Kav card such as: monthly, weekly and daily passes or stored value contracts.

The Rav-Kav card has significant advantages: it is comfortable to use and it fits every wallet, pocket or purse, it is re-loadable, and provides the opportunity for the various discounts for which passengers may be eligible by law. In addition, the Rav-Kav card makes it unnecessary to carry cash for every ride.

If you are looking for ticket prices and types of tickets available click here.

Rav-Kav Types

There are three types of Rav-Kav cards:

  • Personal Rav-Kav
  • Anonymous Rav-Kav
  • Semi-anonymous Rav-Kav
There are three types of Rav-Kav cards: