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Park & Ride Parking Lots

Three dedicated Park & Ride parking lots for your convenience in the city next to the Light Rail stops at Mt. Herzl, Ammunition Hill and Pisgat Ze’ev Central, for the benefit of Light Rail passengers.


Light Rail passengers are invited to leave their cars in three convenient parking lots and enjoy a pleasant and convenient journey by Light Rail. All the parking lots have been built in central locations with the aim of enabling car owners to park their cars and enter the city center without dealing with heavy traffic.


The Jerusalem Municipality parking department operates all the Park and Ride parking lots. Please note: the parking for Light Rail and other public transportation passengers is free of charge upon presentation of valid travel tickets.



Mount Herzl parking lot


A covered parking lot with 552 parking spaces on four levels, its area is about 16,000 square meters and it is adjacent to the Mt. Herzl Light Rail terminus, which can be accessed directly from the parking lot below it.



Ammunition Hill parking lot


An open parking lot with about 600 parking spaces. Entrance to the parking lot is from Zalman Shragai St., near the entrance to the Ammunition Hill site.


The parking lot is located very close to the Light Rail stop and serves drivers who arrive from both Maaleh Adumim and from the center of Israel via Route 9; they can reach the parking lot, park their cars, and travel conveniently by the Light Rail. 


Pisgat Ze'ev parking lot


The parking lot has about 250 parking spaces and is located in Gal St. in Pisgat Ze’ev, near the Pisgat Ze’ev Central stop and the Community Center. From this parking lot, passengers can ascend by the stairs or take the elevator directly to the Light Rail stop. The parking lot is intended mainly to serve the residents of the northern neighborhoods of Jerusalem – Pisgat Ze’ev and Neveh Yaakov, and the residents of Binyamin who arrive via the Hizma checkpoint; they can park their cars in the parking lot and continue from there to the City Center conveniently and easily by the Light Rail.


Park & Ride Parking Lots

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