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Updating fares on public transport

Starting on February 1, public transportation fares will be reduced by an average of 2.15% and will be rounded to the nearest half shekel.

The update takes place on all means of public transportation - buses, trains and app rates.

Despite the reduction in rates that is fully reflected in the subscription cards, there are rates that will increase due to the "rounding" decision. Other tariffs have decreased even beyond the decline in the index, again due to the round to the nearest half shekel.

For example, if the price of a single urban trip was NIS 5.90, following the decrease, the new fare is NIS 5.80 and following the round, the new fare is NIS 6.00.

If the price of a long-distance trip was NIS 15, following the update due to the index, the price drops to NIS 14.70 and rounds to NIS 14.50.

The update takes place on all means of public transportation - buses, trains and app rates.

(Updated: 17.2.2021) Customers who purchased "Hofshi Hodshi" contract for February, until January 26, 2021 at the wrong price, are asked to contact the customer service center in the Cllal building to receive a refund for the difference between the prices.


Updating the age of eligibility for the senior citizen discount

In accordance with the provisions of the Senior Citizens Law, as of February 1, 2121, a man will be able to enjoy a senior citizen profile from the age of 67 and a woman from the age of 62.

This amendment will apply to new entrants only. Passengers who have been issued a senior citizen profile prior to the amendment will continue to benefit from a senior citizen discount.

Please note: monthly contract rates will be updated as of Monday 25.1.2021.

Payment for the light rail

Please note, under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport, at this stage it is not possible to pay for a ride on the light rail using mobile app.


The payment is made as usual and without change - via Rav-Kav or one-time ticket.


General instructions for Covid-19 times:

Dear passengers, please note:

A. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport, a passenger whose body temperature is 38 degrees or higher, or who suffers from a cough or difficulty breathing (except chronic) will not use public transportation.

B. It is the responsibility of each passenger to wear a full face mask as required by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health (except for the exemptions under the order).

C. These rules will also apply to the CityPass service center in the Clal building, 97. Jaffa St. . No service will be provided to a customer who does not adhere to the above.

D. Please note that the municipal inspectorate also enforces the obligation to wear the mask in light rail cabins and stations. Wear a mask legally, follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and avoid infection and fines.

Update: Corona patient ride on light rail

Dear travelers, on the following dates, traveled by light rail passengers who were subsequently identified as being infected with the Corona virus:

For further details and further treatment, please contact the Ministry of Health at the Health Call Center - Asterisk 5400.


CoronaVirus Refunds Notice

Dear passengers, The Ministry of Transportation has approved and published detailed guidelines on receiving a refund for the purchase of Rav-Kav contracts during the Corona virus period.

All information on the website - "Rav Kav online" at the following link:

And on Hop-On website :פיצוי-רב-קו-קורונה


Extending existing discounts until the end of 2020 for those eligible for guaranteed minimal income, survivors' pension and income completion according to the Social Security Law.

Those eligible for guaranteed minimal income, survivors' pension and income completion according to the Social Security Law are requested to go to the "Al Hakav" service stations located all over the city with their current card. The new eligible should bring the letter of pension approval from Social Security (without the Ministry of Transportation card) and their current profile will be extended on their Rav Kav for an additional year until the end of 2020.
For your convenience, below is a list of areas that provide the service.


security and safety surveillance cameras

Attention, for security and safety purposes, surveillance cameras are located along the train route with signage notifying the public, all in accordance with the Privacy Protection Authority's instructions.


New! Charge your Stored Value (Erech Tzavur) contracts at the ticketing kiosks.

The easy way to travel.

From today, it easier, more simple and convenient than ever to purchase tickets.

Citypass and the Ministry of Transportation upgraded the automatic kiosks enabling the purchase and recharging of tickets. Beginning on 16.07.2019 it is possible to purchase the national travel Stored Value (Erech Tzavur) arrangement also at the Light Rail stands and at the Citypass customer service center.

In addition, following the upgrade and user interface improvements, passengers who purchase a ticket can do so in one click at the vending machines – this will drastically reduce the time required to purchase a ticket.

Following the Ministry of Transportation's decision and with the upgrading of the interfaces, from now on, no tickets are sold at the Light Rail stands, and charging the Rav Kav will be possible only through the Stored Value (Erech Tzavur) contracts.

In addition, we improved the user interface in the machines and now it is possible to purchase a one-time paper ticket all in one click. Attention! The use of a one-time paper ticket is valid only for the purchase day and does not enable transferring between Light Rail cars, railroad trains and buses. 

Paper tickets purchased in the past and not yet used are valid on the Light Rail.