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Demand for payment

Within 30 days of the date specified in the incident details, you must pay the following increased charge which includes: 

Travel fees at a sum of NIS 5.90, with added monetary compensation at a sum of NIS 180, and at a total sum as specified in the incident details. 


Within said 30-day period, the increased charge may be paid by cash or credit card through the CityPass (hereinafter the Claimant) service center at the following address: The Clal Building Service Center 97 Yafo Street (opposite the Davidka Station), or by credit card by calling *3686 and on the website at: 


Alternatively, an objection to said increased charge may be submitted in accordance with section 46 B 1 of the Railroad Ordinance (New Version), 5732-1972 and the regulations passed under it, in one of the following methods: 

• By personal delivery to the service center at the Clal Building 

• By registered mail addressed to: CityPass P.O. Box 4263 Pisgat Ze’ev, 97534 

• Through the website at: (such an objection shall be submitted through the website by using the form available on the website). 


* Should the increased charge not be paid within 30 days as stated above, or should an objection not be submitted, the increased charge shall bear linkage differentials and interest in accordance with the Adjudication of Interest and Linkage Law, 5721-1961, up to its actual day of payment. Should an objection or an appeal be submitted, without the possibility of submitting an additional appeal against the increased charge, the increased charge shall bear linkage differentials and interest as aforesaid starting from the date on which the debtor received a ruling on the objection or appeal or final judgement of a Court of Appeals, as the case may be. * The delivery of this demand for payment to your possession is considered as the delivery of a notice prior to the submission of the increased charge for execution at the Execution Bureau as set forth in section 81 A 1 of the Execution Law, 5727-1967. The provisions set forth in said Law, and the Execution Regulations, 5740-1979, shall apply to the collection of the increased charge. * Should you fail to submit an objection within the specified time, and a request to execute the increased charge shall be submitted to the Execution Bureau as a claim for a specified amount in accordance with section 81A1 of the Execution Law, you shall be entitled to submit an objection to the execution request; If you have submitted an objection to the demand for payment, an execution request shall not be filed against you with the Execution Bureau in accordance with the Execution Law, unless in one of the following cases:

(1) The objection was rejected and an appeal was not filed within the allowed timeframe; (2) A peremptory decision has been made in the matter of the appeal or a peremptory rule has been made in the matter of the decision on the appeal, in which it was determined that the demand for payment shall stand.