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Citypass Light Rail Accessibility Arrangements

The Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, 5758-1998

The rights of people with disabilities and the commitment of Israeli society to these rights are founded on the recognition of the principle of equality, the recognition of the value of the human being, who was created in the image of God and the principle of human dignity.


The purpose of this law is to protect the dignity and freedom of people with disabilities and to enshrine their right to equal and active participation in society in all aspects of life, as well as to provide an appropriate response to the special needs of their lives, with maximum independence, privacy and dignity, while maximizing their full capabilities.


In Citypass, accessibility is a way of life, led daily by the organization’s managers and employees.


Access Arrangements for buildings


The Light Rail was designed in consultation with accessibility consultants, in order, as far as possible, to suit the train to passengers with various disabilities.

The train is accessible to people with disabilities through direct channels as well as digital channels, with the aim of assisting and improving their integration into society with dignity, equality and independence.


Citypass encourages equal employment and integrates workers with disabilities among its employees and permits them to work and develop in a wide range of subjects. Moreover, Citypass is in contact with the Clubhouse and Shekel organizations.

Accessibility at the stations


Stations – entrance into the train cars is simple and safe thanks to the level of the station platform, which matches the height of the floor of the car, permitting smooth and easy entry to users of wheelchairs, as well as parents with baby carriages, etc.

In the stations themselves – there is a place designated as a waiting area for people in wheelchairs/electric carts.

Along the station there are marked areas for the blind located facing the zone for the opening of the double doors, ensuring safe entry for those passengers.


The train – in all the cars there is a designated place to strap a wheelchair/electric cart next to a folding seat (the place is marked with the accessibility symbol). The Light Rail controllers will be pleased to assist as far as possible in entering/leaving the train and in strapping the wheelchair/electric cart in the place designated for this in the train car.

Support poles – there are support poles along the length of the train marked in a glowing color.

Electric carts – it is possible to enter the train with a type A cart with a width of 75 cm, a length of up to 120 cm. and a seat weight of up to 130 kg., permitted for travel on public transportation, including the Light Rail.

Dogs – a guide dog accompanying the holder of a certificate of blindness may travel in the car, as well as a guide dog during its training period, dressed in a vest on which is written: “guide dog in training”. The trainer must pay full fare.


Accessible Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center is located at 97 Jaffa Road (in the front of the Clal Building) and permits reception of accessible service for people with disabilities without waiting in line.

There is a position in the Center which was planned to provide accessible service and which also contains a hearing loop.
Customer service representatives and managers undergo training and instruction on various aspects of accessibility.
The purpose of the training is to create awareness of the principle of accessibility among the company’s employees and to provide them with practical tools for giving accessible service.

· Telephone center – the answering machine was made accessible in a way that permits continuous hearing without background music in a clear language, and the information received in it is available in three languages (Hebrew, English and Arabic).

· Contact can be made with Customer Service by means of an email sent to 

· Or by texting to telephone number 052-750-1888 during the hours of activity of the telephone center only (Sun-Thurs 07:00 – 13:00, Saturday and holiday evenings about one hour after the end of the Shabbat/holiday up to 23:00).

· People with disabilities are entitled to receive service without having to wait in line.

· The entitlement is also valid for those accompanying the person with the disability, on condition that he is in the line for and together with the person with the disability.
· Senior citizens above the age of 80 according to the Senior Citizen Law.
· Under Section 6E of the Amendment to the Women's Equal Rights Law, 5711-1951 below, a pregnant woman, at her request, has the right not to wait in line.

· In the lines, priority will be given to a person with a disability/a senior citizen before a pregnant woman.



Accessibility of the Website


At present, the internet constitutes the largest reservoir for freedom of information for all users, particularly for users with disabilities. As such, we place great importance on providing an equal possibility for people with disabilities to make use of the information presented on the website and to allow a better surfing experience.

We aim to ensure that the digital services are accessible to persons with disabilities, and therefore many resources have been invested to facilitate the use of the website for persons with disabilities as far as possible, with the belief that every person deserves the right to live with equality, respect, convenience and independence.

Use of the Website Accessibility Program “Nagich Beklik”.

This website is operated using the accessibility program “Nagich Beklik” and by a dedicated accessibility server. The program is operated according to Israeli Standard IS 5568 at the AA level.

The program is subject to the terms of use of the manufacturer. The responsibility for the use and application on the website falls on the owner of the website, including the content shown on the site, subject to the terms of use of the program.



How Does the Accessibility Work on the Website?

An accessibility menu is located on the website. Clicking on the menu makes it possible to open accessibility buttons. After choosing a subject in the menu, simply wait for the page to load.

Surfing in the accessibility mode is recommended on the most popular web browser for surfers: Google Chrome. On other web browsers, there may be compatibility problems due to a lack of compatibility of the browsers themselves to the Standard.


What is on the Menu?

· The possibility of navigating with the keyboard.

· Making the website compatible with NVDA technologies.

· Enlargement of the site’s font to 4 different sizes.

· Freezing moving elements and blocking of flickering.

· Changing of color contrasts against a light background.

· Adjusting the website for the colorblind.

· Changing the font to a more legible one.

· Enlargement of the cursor and changing its color to black or white.

· Enlargement of the display to about 200%.

· Highlighting the links on the website.

· Highlighting the headings on the website.

· Showing an alternate description to the pictures.

· Declaration of accessibility.

· Sending accessibility feedback.




Despite our efforts to permit surfing on an accessible website for every page of the site, pages may be found on the site which have not yet been made accessible or for which a suitable technological solution has not yet been found.

We are continuing our efforts to improve the accessibility of the website, as far as possible, out of a belief and moral commitment to permit use of the website for the entire population, including persons with disabilities.


Making Contact and Feedback

We welcome feedback from our users. If while surfing the site, you have run into special problems in the matter of accessibility, we would be happy to receive feedback by means of filling out the contact form.


Details of the accessibility coordinator of the Company

Name: Rachel Cohen

Telephone: 052-750-1888






Photo below by Oshrat Levi, for the CityPass Photography Competition 2016.


Citypass Light Rail Accessibility Arrangements