Light Rail Passengers pleace note!
The Erech Tzavur (Stored Value) travel contract is currentlynot valid on the Jerusalem Light Rail. Neither can it be used when switching from bus travel to Light Rail travel and vice versa. Light Rail passengers are requested to load their
Rav Kav cards with the multiple-entry tickets or periodic
subscription tickets. The Light Rail will be joining the
Erech Tzavur arrangement in the coming months.

No bicycles on the track
Regulation number 38 (a1) of the Traffic Regulations states:
A person shall not drive a motorized vehicle or ride any animal on a light rail track, other than crossing in predefined and certified locations.
No bicycles on the track: Riding a bicycle on the track of the LRT line is dangerous both for the cyclist and for LRT passengers.

Passengers of the light rail
Dear Light Rail Passengers

This is to inform you that an update was carried out in the Supervision of Commodities and Services. This update states that as of December 1, 2015, a traveler purchasing a two-tripcontract is entitled to 20 percent discount onthe price of a single-tripride.
Passengers who loaded their Rav Kav witha two-trip contract during the period of December 1 2015 and December 7, 2015until 17:00, and did not receive the discount are entitled to receive a refund of 2.80 NIS.
It should be noted that the refund will be made upon presentation of the Rav Kav which loaded the two-trip contract on the above dates and did not receive the benefit.
For refunds, please visit us at the Light Rail Customer Service Center inMerkaz Klal, Yafo 97, Jerusalem. The Service Center officehours are: Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 17:00, Friday 09:00 – 13:00.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

A notice of Rav Kav profile expiration
The validating machine at the light rail warns of rav kav profile who's about to
expired. the warning expressed while validating the card an orange bulb (the middle one) turns on, and a message shows regarding the profile validity.

The notice being shown a month before the profile will be expired.
attention, as long as your profile is valid you can keep on using the contracts related to the entitlement.
In contrast, at the end of the profile validity, the contracts will not be free to use.

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Binyamin And Shomron area
As of Friday November 14th 2014 the Jerusalem light Rail will allow the usage of 7 new 6 multitrip contracts, for the Binyamin
And Shomron area. Those contract are continuance contracts and each ticket includes a long section, valid on the bus journey
to / from Jerusalem, and a short section, valid for one journey within Jerusalem a bus or the Light Rail, as long that both are
used on the same date.
A passenger can begin the ticket with a long journey to Jerusalem and then within, or in reverse order. The ticket can also be
Used for only the long or short journey.
The contract are loaded on special anonymous smart card on Egged Taavura buses only. The special anonymous smart card
won’t be sold at the  Light rail service center. Passengers will not be able to load regular multi trip contract (10, 15 or 20 rides)
on those special anonymous smart card, and they can be load on the regular multitrip contract on their personalized smart cards.

Friday And Rosh Hashanah Eve, 02/10/16

First tram from 'Heil Ha'Avir to Mt. Herzl departs at 05:30
First tram from Mt. Herzl to 
'Heil Ha'Avir departs at 05:30
Last  tram from 'Heil Ha'Avir departs at 15:52
Last tram from Mt. Herzl departs at 

Headway - a train every 7 minutes  

Rosh Hashanah End - 04/10/16

First tram from 'Heil Ha'Avir departs at 19:43
First tram from Mt. Herzl departs at 

Last tram from 'Heil Ha'Avir departs at 24:00
Last tram from Mt. Herzl departs at 24:00
Headway - a train every 9.5 minutes

First tram from 'Heil Ha'Avir departs at 20:02
First tram from Mt. Herzl departs at 20:12
Last tram from 'Heil Ha'Avir departs at 24:00
Last tram from Mt. Herzl departs at 24:00
Headway - a train every 9.5 minutes
For your convenience, the tram's arrival time is continuously updated on the electronic boards at the stations.

Timetables - Weekdays
First Train:
Kheil HaAvir to Mt Hertzl : 5:30 AM
Mt Hertzl to Kheil HaAvir : 5:30 AM
Last Train:
Kheil HaAvir to Mt Hertzl : 11:51 PM
Mt Hertzl to Kheil HaAvir : 11:52 PM

5:30 - 6:30 AM   -   every 14.5 min
6:30 - 7:00 AM   -   every 8 min
7:00 - 6:00 PM   -   every 6 min
6:00 - 8:00 PM   -   every 9.5 min
8:00 - midnight  -   every 14.5 min

Detailed information

Sale of tickets in an area Shuafat
you can purchase single ride tickets following stores:
Bakery "al salima"  through shuafat 17
in addition:
in "Best buy" store in shuafat 49